Paperchase designs

31 Mar

on safari
crayon cats
pattiserie pals
tokyo trippers
all sorts
pop owls
cloud 9
cacti floral
doodle moods
folk trees
posy floral
pantry peepers
vintage rose
wild heather


hip hip horray

31 Mar

I passed my grade 2 with distinction the best mark I allowed to go to my favoroite shop paperchase

distinction- 130 points or over
meret- 120 to 129
pass-100 points to 119

I’m sooo nervous

16 Mar

My grade 2 is today I am sooo nervous but I do know all my arpeggios and scales soo fingers crossed I pass

I am doing my grade 2 violin

6 Feb

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I have to learn b flat major g major a major c major f major g minor d minor a minor
all those scales from memory and also there is arpeggios the b flat major arpeggio is 2 0 2 1 3 1 4 then 4 1 3 1 2 0 2

I am so nervous I passed with my gerade one but with this grade I’m not sure

My cat coookie

2 Feb

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Pen pals

1 Feb

at school we r writing to penpals my penpal is ceyda it is really cool

Welcome to my blog

25 Jan

Welcome to lollypop2001 this is my first post